Guidelines for Reviewers

On this page, you may learn about shortbuzz's review posting guidelines as well as ratings and reviews on shortbuzz.

Reviews are an excellent way to inform others about your customer's experience. shortbuzz does not pay anyone to rate or review anything on shortbuzz, and we expect reviews to be truthful and honest.

Ratings and reviews posting policies

shortbuzz is here to help you build and make the world better. We accomplish this by providing you with a strong, open-to-all review platform where you can share and discover experiences, as well as engage with businesses to help them improve.

Reviews and ratings are designed to be reliable and useful. Reviewing anything on shortbuzz is a fantastic way to share insightful feedback and help other users find excellent products and services.

The policies for ratings and reviews on shortbuzz are shown below. Reviews that do not adhere to these standards will be deleted, and anybody who consistently or flagrantly violates them may lose the opportunity to write reviews on shortbuzz.

How to write reviews

Spam and fake reviews

The experience you had with the product or service you are evaluating should come through in your reviews.

Reviews that are not related to the topic

Ensure that reviews are relevant to the product, experience, website or information being reviewed and stay on topic.

Posting advertisements,marketing material, political or social comments, links, or anything else unrelated to the product, service, website, or experience you are reviewing is not allowed.

This is not the place to start a business, distribute coupons, organise campaigns, or connect with local singles who share your interests.

Advertising or Promotion

Reviews should be helpful, and if you're promoting something other than the product or service you're reviewing, they won't be helpful.

Posting advertising or commercial content, including affiliate or referral-based marketing, for any goods or services is prohibited.

Do not include contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, or web links.

Interest-based conflict

Reviews are most useful when they are honest and unbiased. They need to be written by people who aren't driven by financial gain.

Do not accept or provide things, services, or money in return for reviews. If you own or work for the company that made the product, service, or website, do not review it.

Keep personal information secret.

Your reviews are public. Do not disclose your own sensitive or personal information, and do not include someone else's. We're talking about names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and anything else that may be used to monitor, identify, contact, or impersonate someone. We want your privacy and the safety of others to be respected and safeguarded.

Copyrighted content

Your reviews should be unique and express your personal experience. Do not publish reviews that violate others' intellectual property rights, especially copyright.

Illegal content

Your reviews must adhere to the law as well as any terms or legal agreements you have agreed to. Do not publish reviews that include or link to unlawful content.

Hate speech is strictly forbidden

Do not encourage hate or support violence against a person or group based on their race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, handicap, veteran status, or any other trait associated with systematic discrimination or marginalisation.

Sexually explicit content

Posting reviews that include, promote, or solicit sexually explicit content is prohibited. Don't post reviews that depict children in sexual situations or address them in a sexual manner.

Offensive reviews

Posting abusive, disrespectful, or offensive language is not permitted. Posting reviews that harass, abuse, or attack others is not permitted.

Everyone can flag reviews

Help us safeguard our platform by reporting inappropriate reviews, especially if you have proof. Only flag a review if you truly feel there is an issue, and please be fair and consistent in your actions.  We'll investigate reported reviews to see whether they violate our policies. And if they do, we will respond.

You have the option to edit or remove your review.

You own the review that you write. You may, therefore, edit, alter, or remove your review whenever you like. If you wish to include extra details about a particular experience, we advise you to update an already published review. Additionally, although it's acceptable to write more than one review for a company if you've had many positive experiences, avoid from bombarding that company with multiple reviews since that is not helpful to anybody.

Keep proof of your experience

Keep any proof of your experience with the company (such as a receipt, order confirmation, or snapshot of an online discussion with customer support) on hand in case you are questioned about them.

When you submit a review, what other people will see

Everyone can see the most of the reviews. Your name and image from your created account will be displayed in public reviews.