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The Best of Arabic, Punjabi & Karachi Cuisines in Bangalore

We serve our guests with a truly authentic food experience by serving a variety of Arabic, Karachi, & Punjabi cuisines. Bangalore's finest Arabic restaurant

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Farida khatoon
Best Hotel in Bangalore is Karama Restaurant

Empire Restaurants has wide range of healthy yummy foods in Karama restaurant Arabic, Karachi, and Punjabi cuisine, that's completely authentic meal experience by offering a diverse selection of Arabic, Karachi, and Punjabi delicacies. Unique taste as the best Arabic restaurant in Bangalore.

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Very delicious food 😍✨👌🏻

Maa sha Allah in karma resturant a wide variety of foods were available, including Arabic, Karachi and Punjabi dishes that were truly authentic, hygienic, healthy, delicious, yummy finest unique Karma Resturant is a unit of Empire in Bangalore.

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Mohammed Rashad
Best restaurants in Bangalore for lunch

The best restaurant for a good meal in Bangalore. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was lovely. The chicken was perfectly cooked and quite delicious. Karama Restaurant located Mosque road, opposite to Empire Restaurant, Pulikeshi Nagar, Bengaluru

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