Top restaurants [2023]

Here is a list of the best restaurants for 2023, according to the users.

Top restaurants [Ranking, Reviews, Services & Features]

1. Karama Restaurant

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The Best of Arabic, Punjabi & Karachi Cuisines in Bangalore

We serve our guests with a truly authentic food experience by serving a variety of Arabic, Karachi, & Punjabi cuisines. Bangalore's finest Arabic restaurant

Based on 3 customer reviews, Karama Restaurant has a shortbuzz score of 5.0 out of 5.

  • Contact Number: 08040414141
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2. Manipal Inn

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Luxurious Venues, Delightful Restaurants in Manipal & Udupi

The Manipal Inn has a beautiful view of paddy fields and the Arabian Sea. This is the place to stay whether you're on vacation or on business in Udupi/Manipal.

  • Contact Number: +918660567253
  • Contact Email: