How to Make Hyderabadi Qubooli Biryani - Chana Dal Recipe

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Qabooli biryani with chilli in bowl

What is Qubooli recipe?

Qubooli, also known as Qabooli or Qubuli, kubuli, khubuli, khubli is an delicious Hyderabad chana dal biryani dish. Qubooli is a completely vegetarian perfect meal cooked with basmati rice, chana dal, and Indian garam masala.

Preparation time: 5-10 minutes
Cook time: 30- 35 minutes
Total time: 40 -45 minutes
Number of servings: 2-3 peoples
Recipe cuisine: Indian Recipe
Technique: Pressure-Cook Recipe
Recipe category: Vegetarian Recipe
Calories: 365 kcal per person

Qubooli Ingredients

  • 400 grams of basmati rice
  • 150 grams of chana dal (lentils)
  • 40 grams of chopped onion
  • 15 grams of chopped ginger
  • 15 grams of chopped garlic
  • 70 grams of curd
  • 1 tablespoon of whole cumin
  • chopped 3 grams of green coriander
  • 3 chopped green chillies
  • 2 Bay leaf
  • 2 piece cinnamon stick
  • 3 grams of finely chopped mint leaves
  • 4 green cardamoms
  • 2 black cardamoms
  • 4 cloves
  • Salt
  • 30 grams (3 teaspoons) of refined or peanut oil or ghee
  • Black pepper half tea spoon

Qubooli Cooking Method

How to Make Hyderabadi Qubooli Recipe

Step 1: Soaking Basmati Rice

400 g of Basmati rice should be soaked for 30 to 60 minutes in order to prevent sticking when it is cooked.

Step 2: Soaking Chana Dal

Soak the 150 g of chana dal for 30 minutes; if you don't have time to soak, you can follow the Step 3 method.

Step 3: Boiling Chana Dal

Take 150 g of chana dal and boil it up to 60 - 70% of the way since we will later prepare chana dal with rice and we want to avoid mushy chana dal. Cook the chana dal till it is soft but not mushy. Once the chana dal has been made and cooled, keep it in water rather than throwing it away since it contains nutirion values (add water as per required). Depending on your taste, add salt.

Step 4: Frying Onion

Now, take a cooker, set the heat to medium, add 3 tablespoons of 30 g organic ghee, or you may use refined oil or peanut oil, depending on your preference, and add the 40 g onions. Fry the onions until they become golden color.

Step 5: Adding Garam Masala

When the onion has turned golden color, lower the flame and add 15 g of chopped garlic (lasun), 15 g of chopped ginger (adrak), 1 tablespoon cumin seeds (jeera), 2 piece cinnamon stick(dalchini lakdi), 4 green cardamoms (Choti elaichi), 2 balck cardamom (badi elaichi), 2 bay leaf(tez patta), half tea spoon black pepper, and 4 cloves (laung). Mix this all gently.

Step 6: Adding mint leaves, green chillies and curd

Add the 3 g of finely chopped mint leaves, 3 chopped green chillies, and 70 g of curd. Continue to stir for nearly 3-4 minutes.

Step 7: Cooking Rice with chana dal

If you followed step 3 method, add the boiled chana dal with its boiled dal water; otherwise, if you followed step 2 method, add the dal without soaking water; and finally, add the 400 g of soaked basmati rice and shut the cooker, and cook for two whistles.

Step 8: Mixing and Serving qubooli

Garnish with 3 g of chopped green coriander leaves and serve with dahi (curd) ki chutney.

Qubooli biryani origin?

The Qubooli recipe comes from Hyderabad, and it was inspired by Mughlai or Nawabi cuisine. Hyderabadi Qubooli biryani is made using the Nawabi style of making biryanis.

Qubooli meaning?

In Urdu, the term "qubooli" means "acceptance"

How long does it take to cook Qubooli biryani?

Cooking time for Qubooli biryani is 15-17 minutes.

What is the ingredient of Qubooli recipe?

Basmati rice, chana dal, onion, ginger, garlic, curd, whole cumin, green coriander, green chillies, bay leaf, cinnamon stick, mint leaves, green cardamoms, black cardamoms, cloves, salt, refined or (peanut oil or ghee), black pepper.

Is qubooli biryani

We use chana dala instead of meat in Hyderabadi Qubooli biryani, which evolved from the Nawabi way of making biryanis primarily to serve to their vegetarian friends. You can name it qubooli biryani or qubooli pulao, depending on your preference.

Nutrition Information

Nutrient value (abbrv) as per serving:

  1. Energy - 365 cal
  2. Protein - 7.2 g
  3. Carbohydrates - 45.5 g
  4. Fibre - 4g
  5. Cholesterol - 4.6mg
  6. Sodium - 19.5 mg

Main items for the Qubooli dish

Rice: To make this qubooli cuisine, you can either use sona masoori rice or basmati rice. Although basmati rice will add taste, you may simply prepare this dish using regular sona masoori rice if you don't have any at home.

Chana Dal: In this dish, split lentils, popularly known as chana dal in India, are used.

Curd: When creating this dish, fresh curd is used.

Ghee: This recipe uses ghee (Use organic ghee for good health). Use oil instead of ghee if you'd like. Ghee is helpful to joint bones.

Garam masala: Indian spices are used to make this qubooli dish, including whole cumin, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, green and black cardamoms, cloves, and black pepper.

The best methods for preparing Hyderabadi qubooli

Chana dal will take less time to cook if you soak it for 30 minutes. Soak the rice for 30 to 60 minutes in another bowl at the same time to speed up cooking. Do not use pressure cooker to cook the chana dal if you have time. It should be boiled in a pot with enough water until just done. If you need to pressure cooker to cook the chana dal quickly, simply cook it for 2 whistle; otherwise, the dal will get mushy.

Enjoy this delicious channa dal and biryani.

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