Blender 3d software courses: Realistic human faces, Hard Surface Game Asset, Blender to Unreal Engine 5

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When I first started learning Blender, it was difficult for me to choose which course was the best; the key justification for recommending these courses is that by purchasing them, you will learn Blender in greater detail. These course recommendations are not paid advertisements; I just wanted to assist you.

Realistic human faces

Realistic human faces

In this course, you will study in-depth techniques for producing photorealistic human and 3D realistic portraits, which are one of the most challenging exercises for aspiring computer graphics artists.

Instructor walks you through a highly rigorous procedure that is simple to follow in order to achieve excellent outcomes.

Chapter 2 shows you how to transform your bulky ineffective sculpture into a usable model. It also teaches you how to transform a clear wire model, how to simulate clothing, how to create textures, how to create detailed hair, and how to use lighting.

If you believe viewing a video will help, it won't, and you'll just be wasting your time. Instead, pause the video and practice using Blender. 80 lessons were covered over 20 hours of video, and source files are included.

Realistic human faces course is available on blender market
Instructor of this course: Kent Trammell

Hard Surface Game Asset

Hard Surface Game Asset

You will learn how to create hard surface models in this course; to see how effectively the instructor teaches, check out his YouTube account (Josh Gambrell).

For use in high-end visual effects movies, hard surface modelers are in charge of creating CG models that are incredibly realistic and effective. Modelers will use reference materials such as photos, scan data, blueprints, and/or concept ideas when creating their models.

In this course, there are three editions: Standard, Deluxe, and Design. The following items are included in the standard edition of The Blender Bros. Hard Surface Game Asset Course 2.0: 1. Hard Surface Game Assets with Blender 1.0 2. Blender 3's Hard Surface Unwrapping Add-on for UV Assist. Ultimate Guide for HardOPS and Boxcutter is one of the supplementary courses included with Deluxe. Ultimate Guide for HardOPS and Boxcutter are included in the design package.

Hard Surface game asset course is available on blender market

Instructor of this course: Josh Gambrell

Blender to Unreal Engine 5

Blender to Unreal Engine 5

You will learn how to create a realistic and fully functional windmill in this course, from concept to game engine, and you will have access to 100 textures with resolutions of 2k and 4k.

You will also learn about gama, hue, saturation, blender node, and how to use keyframe, and you can upload this model to any game engine. You will also learn about lighting and HDRI's, which is important because it makes the model stand out among many others. Loop cuts, UV mapping, and UV unwrapping will all be covered.

learning the fundamentals of rigging, weighting, and animation, learning how to effectively use materials and load models into UE5, Learning how to leverage rendering to enhance the quality of presentation for your 3D world in both Blender Cycles and Eevee, and creating collections of objects and meshes utilising a hierarchy system.

Blender to Unreal Engine 5 course is available on Udemy

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